E-Transfer Payments For Online Businesses

Moxipay is a leader in online e-transfer payment solutions for e-commerce businesses. We make it fast, convenient, and secure for your customers to pay you using e-transfers from their own banking app.

How Moxipay Works

As a merchant, Moxipay is the no-hassle way to allow your customers to pay for online purchases using Interac e-transfers.

1. A customer selects E-Transfer as their payment of choice and completes the checkout process on your website.

2. An email is sent to the customer with instructions to complete their payment for their purchase.

3. The customer sends an e-transfer, which is processed by Moxipay. 

4. A notification is sent back to the shopping cart to mark the order paid. 

Low Cost Payment Processing

No extra costs to your customers, no setup fees, no monthly fees, and a low transaction fee starting at 2% per transaction for merchants.

Easy to Use

Moxipay integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform. Our streamlined online interface makes it easy to check the status of all your transactions.

Fast Payments

Payments are immediately processed and deposited into your account. Get notified instantly after a payment is made.

Secure Online Payment

Payments are made directly through the customer's banking app, eliminating the risks of storing credit card data locally.

30% Cheaper Than Anyone Else >>> We'll Beat Any Online Payment Price By 30%
  • Full integration support
  • Unlimited monthly transactions
  • Immediate payment processing
  • Integration with all major e-commerce platforms
  • 24/7 payment support
  • Compatible with all Canadian banks

For Customers

Shop online with confidence and convenience with businesses powered by Moxipay.

No Customer Fees

For customers, Moxipay is a no-cost option to send e-transfers to the businesses you love to shop with.


You'll receive a straight-forward email that will take you directly to your banking app to make your payment.


Moxipay does not need access to your personal information and is not linked to your bank account or credit cards, making it one of the safest ways to pay online.


With Moxipay, payments are lightning fast. Both you and the other party are notified immediately about the transaction.