User FAQ's

Do I need to sign up with Moxipay?

No.  There is no online sign up required to use Moxipay.  Moxipay is the e-transfer payment processor.  As a customer, the payment is completed just by sending an Interac e-transfer as you normally would when sending an e-transfer to someone.

How does it work?

Customer completes their online order as they normally would.  Then they receive payment instructions on how to pay for that order on screen and in their order confirmation email.

What banks are you affiliated with?

Interac e-transfer is available with all Canadian banks. Find the complete list here: Interac e-transfer banks.

Why is Moxipay more secure than other online payment systems?

Moxipay does not store any credit card or banking information.  We do not collect it, we do not store anything that could link to any bank accounts.

Which currencies are available on Moxipay?

Moxipay is Canadian payment processor.  We only work with currencies available while making an e-transfer payment.

How much does this cost?

There are no fees to use Moxipay to make a payment.  Any fees related to your payment are based on your banking services with your Financial Institution.

Will it work outside Canada?

Payments can be made using any device by accessing your online banking.

Do I need to be near internet or wi-fi?

Yes. Moxipay only works when there is an internet or cell phone connection.

Is there any warranty on purchases like a credit card?

Moxipay does not currently provide insurance on purchases.

Do I get instant receipts?

There is instant notifications with every transaction

What is the daily limit?

The only limit is based on your e-transfer sending limit through your Financial Institution.

Is this a Canadian Company?

Moxipay is a Canadian Corporation registered in the Province of Alberta.

Who created Moxipay?

Moxipay team is a group of entrepreneurs from Edmonton that have been involved with financial services for almost 20 years.

Merchant FAQ's

What do I need to sign up?

To become a registered merchant there is a merchant agreement that needs to be completed, signed and returned to Moxipay. Complete the online Registration form to begin the process.

How does it work?

Active merchants can receive payments for online purchases through Interac e-transfers using Moxipay to process payments. Additional features are available to merchants managing larger volumes, include a merchant transaction management portal.

How much does this cost?

There is a fee to receive payments as a merchant, but it is much cheaper than any other payment method available in the marketplace.

Is this restricted to Canadian merchants only?

No.  We can receive payments for any merchant worldwide for their Canadian customers. Please contact us to get more details.

Why is Moxipay more secure than other online payment systems?

Moxipay does not obtain or retain any sensitive financial information from your customers. There is no information stored within Moxipay that could link anything back to the customer bank accounts.

What banks are you affiliated with?

Moxipay processes payments made using Interac e-transfers, therefore any bank offering Interac e-transfers are available.  See here for the full list of banks.