User FAQ’s

Internet access, an email address and a mobile device with a voice and data plan including a phone number.
Exactly like an old fashion wallet, you put money in and then spend or give your money to someone else.
You can load your wallet via Online Banking Bill Payments or Interac Online. Open MoxiPay Wallet and click Help to see detailed funding instructions. It is also important to complete identity verification process before all funding and withdrawal options become available.

There is a funding fee deducted from the MoxiPay balance based on the method of payment used.

Currently ATB Financial, BMO, CIBC, Central 1 Credit Unions, Desjardins, RBC, ScotiaBank, TD Bank
Moxipay does not store any credit card or banking information.
Visit our Contact Us Page for all our contact information.
Currently only Canadian, but we will be adding more.
Most e-wallets require you to link a credit card to your account. While this is convenient for purchasing it leaves your personal data and credit card information vulnerable to identity theft – a hacker who can breach the security of your e-wallet company’s server can have total access to your card till you deactivate it. Moxipay is different – we don’t use credit cards or pre-stored financial information at all. With us, you directly load money onto your card in whatever amount you want.
There is no signup or monthly fee. When using MoxiPay to make payments there is no fee. When using MoxiPay for wallet to wallet transfers a fee applies to the sender.
Moxipay will work anywhere there is an internet connection.
Yes. Moxipay only works when there is an internet or cell phone connection.
Moxipay does not currently provide insurance on purchases.
There is instant notifications with every transaction
The only limit is on the balance of the wallet. There is no balance limit on the wallet.
Yes. However, your wallet is protected by a PIN # so you would also have to give out login credentials.
Moxipay is a Canadian Corporation registered in the Province of Alberta.
Moxipay team is a group of entrepreneurs from Edmonton that have been involved with financial services for almost 20 years.
Every wallet has a history of transactions.
Instructions for adding funds are located inside the wallet help screen.
We treat all deposits equally. You would need to request a withdrawal.
You are not disclosing any financial information to our system therefore making even more safe.