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Automate e-Transfers Payments
As Low As 0.50%
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Customers pay you directly using the banking apps they already have on their mobile device. Funds deposited to your account in real time. 


One of the safest ways to pay online. EMT payments are made directly through the customer's bank, ensuring that no personal information is stored on your site or ours.


With 24-hour service and no middle men, payments are deposited directly from the customer into the retailer's account. 

Give your customers the option of e-Transfers, with Moxipay

Our goal is simple: Provide a faster, safer, and simpler way for your customers to shop with you.

Moxipay integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform, allowing your customers to pay using e-transfers. No credit cards, passwords, or PayPal accounts required.

Interac e-Transfers Grew 54% in 2018

Interac e-Transfer popular in Canada with over 371 million transactions in 2018

Automate e-Transfers

E-transfers powered by Moxipay. Partner with Moxipay for your e-commerce payment processing.

Negotiable License

Negotiable Rates fixed or per transaction. Your customers pay no additional fees. We work with your budget.

Fraud Protection

Moxipay does not need access to your personal information and is not linked to your bank account or credit cards. No sensitive data ever exchanged.

24/7 Support

We work around the clock to ensure nothing stands between you and the money you earn. Now you can rest while we take care of your business.

What Our Clients Say

We’re pretty happy with how things are going. Payments are always on time and accurate. Look forward to working with you guys for the indefinite future.

Andy Anonymous